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GeriHalliwellpicforic.jpg“SHOCK! Geri Halliwell ‘rewrites the Bible’,” shrieked the headline accompanying a report in yesterday’s Now Magazine. “How terribly intersting,” I thought, “A member of the biggest-selling female UK group of all time taking on the best-selling book of all time.” But, alas Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, wasn’t creating a GPV Bible (Girl Power Version), but rather rewrote parts of Bible passages that were read at her daughter Bluebell’s christening so that they would “read better.”
Her actions may seem a bit odd, as there are many versions with different wordings to choose from, but the very fact that there are so many versions reflects generations of people trying to make the Bible not only fit their dogmatic viewpoint, but “read better.” While the rewritten passages weren’t revealed, it’s hard to believe that Geri’s actions are “shocking.” In fact, what is shocking is that there wasn’t enough real gossip floating around to truly merit the descriptor.

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