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xfilespic.jpgHow do you know a movie is a cult classic with numerous devout followers? When the announcement of the title of the latest chapter in that icon’s history receives attention from every major media outlet. The intriguing title of the next “X-Files’ movie will be “I Want To Believe.”
The catch phrase references both a poster Agent Mulder had in his office and also captures one of the themes of the show–the precarious balance between faith and science. (For those of you who don’t know, the FBI agents tried to solve cases revolving around supernatural , alien-type occurrences.)

“The X-Files” series was also known for another slogan, “The truth is out there.” but die-hard fans will be hard pressed to find out the truth about the plot of the movie–something that is being protected more closely than any CIA conspiracy.
Director and creator Chris Carter will only say that the story will stay grounded on earth and have less to do with space aliens and the mythology of the series and be more of a stand-alone film anyone can follow. This is especially encouraging news to someone like me who only watched the show occasionally toward the end of its run and liked the relationship between the two characters, but could have done without some of the space alien stuff. “X-Files” was always at its best when it focused on religion and its mysteries with Scully and Mulder’s unquenched passion to find the answers at last.

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