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redsoxjersypic.jpgIf you’re a Yankees fan like me, you probably have yet another reason to hate the Red Sox and their fans.
Last week, it was announced that a Bronx construction worker, Gino Castignoli, working on the new Yankee Stadium, had buried a David Ortiz jersey under concrete in an effort to jinx the beloved New York team. He was outted by some fellow workers who realized what he was up to–but not before the concrete was already poured and set.
Last Friday night while at my local sports bar—packed full of Yankee lovers/Red Sox haters (and one friend who’s a Mets fan), the place was abuzz with what should be done about the situation. Surprisingly, everyone was in agreement that they should dig up the shirt—whether they actually believed in “curses” or not. There were also, of course, a number of opinions expressed as to how Castignoli should be punished–but let’s just say I can’t really print them here. (Though I will say that to varying degrees, they were similar to what Hank Steinbrenner, co-owner and Senior VP of the Yankees, said: “I hope his coworkers kick the s–t out of him.”)

Thankfully, on Sunday, the Yankees did, in fact, dig up the shirt, to the tune of 5 hours and an extra $50,000 in costs. Now there’s talk that the team is going to sue Castignoli, which I hope they do.
What do you think? Do you believe in baseball curses? What should be done to Castignoli?

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