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thebucketlistpic.jpgThere’s an interesting discussion going on in the Beliefnet community that ties to a movie I admit I haven’t seen, “The Bucket List.” The idea is to challenge yourself to think about what is on your own personal “bucket list.” What are the things you would most like to accomplish before you die?
I’ve been doing some thinking about my own bucket list and decided to post a few items here. You can check out what others are saying and join the community to post your own list. I am hoping by posting my list here it will motivate me more to accomplish what’s on it!
Before I kick the bucket I’d like to:

1. Travel to all fifty states. I am probably two-thirds of the way there, so this one is doable!
2. Finish any one of my half-written novels. I am thinking that this year may actually be the year I cross this goal off the list. Also finishing one of my half-written plays would also be nice.
3. Go to a James Taylor concert. Okay I know, this doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal to accomplish this task, but let me explain. I have had tickets to see the man more than once. Try several times, in fact. Each and every time the concert day came, the entire universe has conspired against me and I never made it to the concert. I have no idea what God has against me seeing one of the great songwriters of any generation, but I am not giving up trying.
4. Buy a second home in New York City. Okay, crossing this wish off the list will require me somehow winning the Lotto, but you just never know. Right?
5. Head back to the misson field for a period of time. I served five memorable years with Youth With A Mission and one day it would be good to return for awhile to serve in another country.
6. Reconcile with certain family members. By far the most touching stories I read on the message boards were the ones from those who have been separated or lost contact with family for various reasons. I, too, find that my biggest wish is a reunion with family members who have become disconnected from me. It’s not completely within my control too cross this goal off the list, but I’d like to believe there is always hope.

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