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moonlightpicforic.jpgAww, shucks! Why is it that I am such a sucker (ha!) for all things vampire, no matter how kitschy they get? CBS’s “Moonlight” gets more melodramatic by the episode–as does its star vampire Mick St. Johns–but it only makes me love it more.
CBS spent a good deal of advertising dollars on promoting the return of “Moonlight” with new episodes, most especially announcing this time around, Mick would be playing the human. Turns out, humanity, and therefore mortality, was more difficult than Mick remembered. Despite all the “possibilities” being human opened up for Mick with Beth, his mortal beloved, turns out as a human, Mick can’t keep her. And as quick as writers of the show restored mortality to this longtime vampire, they showed they were willing to take it away. Thirty minutes into the new episode, Mick begs Logan–oops, did I say Logan? Sorry I meant Josef, but was thinking of “Veronica Mars” and the fact that basically Logan jumped television series but not personalities when he shifted series)–to turn him back into a vampire to get Beth out of a life and death situation.

When Josef hesitates, Mick, with more camp than I could hope for, begs him, “This is about Beth…My Beth!” Ah. Sigh. The power of vampire-human love. Then cue Mick-Josef homoerotic vampire moment.
The moral of the story: For Mick, love of Beth is not only worth giving up his humanity (even if it was temporary), but risking his soul to save hers.
You can watch full episodes of the series online and catch up in time for at least three more before summer. Come on! Aren’t you at least tempted?

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