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foxybrownpic.jpgRapper Foxy Brown just finished serving time (8 months in Rikers) for smacking a Brooklyn neighbor with her BlackBerry. While that might not sound like a prisonworthy offense, it was a violation of her probation, which itself was the result of her arrest for attacking two nail-salon workers in Chelsea during a manicure argument in 2006. Plus, the smackee had been left with a swollen lip, black eye, and loose teeth, as a result of the attack. (With Russell Crowe’s chucking a cell phone at someone a year or so back, one cannot help but wonder if “cellphone is the new Glock.”)
While Foxy described prison as an “atrocity,” she notes the importance of prayer in getting her through it. “Night and day, I had nothing else to do but pray.”

While many celebrities experience religious epiphanies and rediscover the deity during their prison experiences (see also, Paris Hilton), Fox wants her fans to know she’s always been into religion and prayer:
Foxy insisted her faith in God is nothing new. “Every Sunday, I’ve gone to church. Whenever I’ve been on tour, wherever I’ve been in the world, I’ve found a church,” she said. “People don’t really know, but my foundation has always been in Christ.”
“God knows my heart,” she added.
And she says she’s not a bit worried that being seen in church could turn off her fans. “I don’t care who sees me,” she said. “I’m going to worship and I’m going to praise.”
In a later report on the post-jailhouse Foxy’s activities, the NY Post reported that she had attended a mass on the Upper West Side dressed to the nines, in Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen. She prayed and then shopped in the church gift shop–but had forgotten her money in her Louis Vuitton bag, and was carrying her Fendi bag instead. (Who hasn’t been there…that happens to me at least once a week.)
No worries, though–her bodyguard footed the bill for her, and a friend of the rapper told the Post reporter that Foxy’s clothes should not overpower her message: “Her spirituality supersedes fashion.”

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