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annabroadwaypicIC0804.jpgBut for the rarest of relationships, for any parent and child sitting down to talk about sex is uncomfortable on both ends. Maybe it’s supposed to be that way. But the talk has to happen or a child will get the information–or misinformation–from somewhere else, the general Wikipedia-style body of collective and often biased, occasionally untrue void that is popular American culture.
Author Anna Broadway knows about the awkwardness, and writes a blog, Sexless in the City, that has become a book of the same name. In it, she writes her memoir of “reluctant chastity,” and shares stories of growing up Christian and an incurable romantic. In a recent appearance on ABC7News out in the Bay Area, Broadway shares some tips for how to broach this important, but anxiety-ridden topic with your teens.

Broadway hails from a religious Christian background, and talks about trying to keep her subject matter consistent with her religious values. She also urges parents to help their children establish healthy attitudes and realistic expectations toward relationships.
View the clip here.

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