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claypicforic.jpgClay Aiken has been many things. He was an unassuming North Carolina college student, an “American Idol” runner-up, a popular and mega-selling solo artist, a Broadway star, and now… the Messiah?
Aiken is currently starring on Broadway in the Monty Python musical “Spamalot.” One devoted fan, who was not idenfied by name, told the New York Daily News gossip columnist Ben Widdicome that she has been to see the show more than 40 times since Aiken’s debut and that she considers him “the Messiah.”
Aiken has made no secret of his devout Christian faith, but has no comment on whether he’s actually Jesus Christ. A rep for “Spamalot” was quoted as saying, “I am not familiar with this devoted fan, but I know there are many of them.” Talk about taking celebrity worship to a whole new level.

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