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bonesboothpic.jpgI love “Bones.” Love it. I love the series title character, Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones), I love her fellow science geeks at the lab, and I love her ambiguous, potentially-romantic relationship with the very Catholic Seeley Booth, the FBI agent who plucks Bones from her lab work to solve murder cases each week.
It’s back tonight, Monday, 8pm on Fox after the writers’ strike with new episodes! Yay!

Aside from the usual murder-solving business, this episode’s trailer—”The Man in the Mud”—promises that Bones and Booth go out on a date somewhere in the middle of their investigation. Last episode had them kissing under the mistletoe (though not of their own volition exactly). But can a hopelessly rationally-minded atheist like Dr. Brennan really forge a romantic relationship with someone as mystifyingly religious (at least to her) and Catholic as Booth?
I hope so.
Bones and Booth are the best mismatched-yet-perfect-for-each-other couple to hit television since Scully and Mulder from X-Files.

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