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MileyCyruspicforidolchatter.jpgUp until recently, teen queen Miley Cyrus has let her Christian faith be more implied than overtly stated. But recent red carpet appearances—not to mention her interview with Barbara Walters—have found Miley giving more and more sound bytes about Jesus. Over the weekend, Miley won two awards at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and the first “thank you” out of her mouth was “to her Lord and savior Jesus Christ.”
Thanking Jesus in an acceptance speech has certainly been a staple of many a celebrity in the past, but his name doesn’t usually come up on a loud, crazy, light-hearted event such as the Kids Choice Awards (Though it is my personal opinion if Jesus was at the awards show in person, he would enjoy being slimed.). The fact that so many press outlets are noting Miley’s reference to Jesus in her acceptance speech is also telling of the ever-increasing clout of this teen dynamo and the amount of attention being paid to every word out of her mouth.

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