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MileyCyruspicforidolchatter.jpgThere’s a grand old tradition of changing your name in order to make it big. But usually the change is made to distance yourself from tradition or religious affiliation (I’m looking at you, Melvin Kaminsky!) or because there’s already another actor in the union with a similar name (and that’s how Michael Fox got his “J.”).
But yesterday, CNN announced (that they had read it on that the former Destiny Hope Cyrus officially changed her name to the nickname her Achy Breaky Daddy gave her when she was a baby, “Miley.” (Actually her nickname was “Smiley Miley,” but I guess that’d be overkill.)
Now her legal name will match her stage name, “Miley Ray Cyrus.” How this affects you, dear reader? You can now turn to the person next to you and say, “Huh…I never knew this wasn’t her name…”
And now we return you to the rest of your pop culture non-news.

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