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fridaynightlightspicforic.jpgJust when I have almost no faith left that the networks will value the primetime drama over cheaply-produced reality show garbage, I find a glimmer of hope on the television horizon. Though the fictional Dillon Panthers never finished their second football season on the tube this year, the acclaimed cult drama “Friday Night Lights” will return for a third season in the fall. After much speculation that NBC would likely cancel the series, instead, network execs became creative and found a way to make the bottom line of the low-rated drama profitable so it could stay on the air.

Even though “FNL” has been last in the ratings for its time slot most of the time, NBC has entered into an agreement with DirecTV to share broadcast rights on different platforms. Maybe it was the fan outpouring of support in the form of mini footballs being sent to network execs that guilted NBC into keeping the show on the air, but more likely this is simply a rare case of good art and good commerce coming together.
Regardless of the real logic behind the decision, I look forward to the prospect of what is next for Smash, Riggins, and the Taylor family. I know there are plenty of Idol Chatter readers out there who will— in celebration of this news—-repeat after me: “Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose.”

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