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katie_tompicforIC.jpgCertainly one of the tenets of my day-to-day spiritual walk is the firm belief that whatever is done in darkness will eventually come to light. So while I am not into celebrity gossiping or tabloid-mongering, I had to smile for just a moment when I read on Page Six of the New York Post the other day that Tom Cruise had the Church of Scientology set up what amounted to a casting call to find Tom’s new wife. And, believe it or not, Katie Holmes was not exactly a frontrunner in the process. According to a new tell-all by a former Scientologist, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson were on the short list of potential spouses and Katie was brought into the mix only after they showed no interest.

I might have completely dismissed this story except for the fact that I remember a few years ago at the height of Tom Cruise’s couch jumping days that two well-established Hollywood writers who are friends of mine would call me and snicker about TomKat. It seemed that the story around their agents’ water coolers were full of details about Tom and his Scientology buddies conducting a bizarre search for a new wife and that Jennifer, Scarlett, and Jessica were at the top of the list. And when I say the casting call was supposedly bizarre, I mean there is no way I could get away with printing some of the alleged details here at Idol Chatter .
With rumors flying about Katie being pregnant again, I do wonder about the timing of this news story. Could it be that TomKat is leaking such gossip because any publicity is good publicity? Or is it, as I want to believe, a case of Scientology’s dirty little secrets continuing to be exposed as more and more defectors come forward and tell the truth?

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