Idol Chatter

Fifteen years ago I hardly analyzed what it meant for me to be an American Muslim. I was Muslim, I was American, it was difficult at times being both. But hey, it wasn’t that big a deal. And when I declared my intentions to study journalism in college, the only redeemable thing my parents thought was that, in time, perhaps I could spread truth and objectivity about Islam. My response was, yeah, ok. That’ll be a goal waaaaay down the road.But here I am, Islam editor at Beliefnet, having spent the last seven years of my career as a journalist specializing in the coverage of Islam and Muslims. And who I present myself to be as an American Muslim is now very important in nearly every aspect of my life. So who am I? I am a Muslim who relates well to this fabulous music video from Lena Khan, “A Land Called Paradise,” which is a finalist in Link TV’s “One Nation, Many Voices: Muslims in America, Stories, not Stereotypes” film contest.Lena’s video begins with this: “In December 2007, over 2000 American Muslims were asked what they would wish to say to the rest of the world.” Check out what came forth: