To me, the title sounded something like an inquest into the Kennedy assassination or the 9-11 Report, but from the first scenes, “The Final Inquiry” clearly takes us back to biblical times, complete with thieves on a cross, a solar eclipse, earthquakes, and the stoning of an adulterous wife who everyone in town knew. From Jerusalem to Europe, the opening scenes create as realistic a portrayal of biblical times as I can remember seeing.
And such is the setting for “The Final Inquiry,” featuring Dolph Lundgren, Danielle Liotti, F. Murray Abraham, and Max Von Sydow in the latest film from Fox Faith which promises “Family and Christian films everyone can enjoy.” Filmed in Tunisia in ’06 and now out on DVD (as of February 19), “The Final Inquiry” delivers as a family film with Christian roots.

What you may or may not like is that this flick is filled with biblical characters (from those in the gospels to Saul of Tarsus) but not with biblical stories. Rather, it theorizes how they may have responded to the fictional protagonists inserted into the “Inquiry.” Nevertheless it is entertaining, interesting, and great for the family discussions that can ensue.
The basis for the film lies in the Emperor’s charge to one of his top legion guards to investigate a possible link between an eclipse, an earthquakes, a trial of a man named Jesus of Nazareth, and the local leadership of one Pontius Pilate.
What ensues is one version of a possible sequel to the gospels, and what may have happened if real-time spiritual seekers in power had truly wanted to know of the validity of Christ’s claim to deity. This goes against a modern (and surfacy) stereotype that sees the religious and government leaders of Jesus’ time as closed to His claims.
But the scriptures also speak of the spiritual interest of Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, a centurion and others of wealth and power. It is in those biblical accounts that “The Final Enquiry” finds credibility for its premise that is played out with the kind of drama and intrigue that is at least worthy of a DVD release. Put it on your own big screen and enjoy the conversations that follow!

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