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sanctusrealpresspicforidolc.jpgIt is a trend of many Christian music groups these days to find a niche in the mainstream market and distinguish themselves with an edge that helps distance them from that dreaded Contemporary Christian Music label. Pop rockers Sanctus Real don’t seem to have those concerns with their latest upbeat effort “We Need Each Other,” in stores this week.
Joyous, infectious hooks on songs like “Turn on the lights” as well as the title track remind me of the music of former Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline. In fact, each of the songs on the CD is filled with a refreshing lack of angst or cynicism and is unbashedly anthem-like in its celebration of faith and community. If there is one theme on this recording it is that the Christian church needs to celebrate our similarities, not our differences, and think about our actions in the church in light of what kind of legacy we will leave behind. Yet this theme is spun throughout the songs with little overt preaching or Christian cliche.
“We Need Each Other” has enough spunk and smarts to make me want to go back and listen to some of their earlier works–which is what I encourage other Christian music buffs, who may have overlooked the, to do as well.

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