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vincegillpic.jpgI don’t usual watch the Grammys but something about this year’s nominees and the promise of some legendary match-ups on stage (Aretha and BeBe Winans, Beyonce and Tina Turner) made me want to tune in. And while I am sure I was one of the few viewers completely disinterested in what Amy Winehouse was going to say or do on the show, I did enjoy the broadcast. Here are my top three favorite moments from last night’s award show.
3. Favorite Red Carpet Moment: Call me a sap if you want to, but I really thought it was sweet when tween queen Miley Cyrus–when being harassed about who she was dating–said “I only need three men in my life : Jesus, my brother, and my dad.”
2. Favorite Off-Air Moment: I have been a fan of Ashley Cleveland’s for almost two decades now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she won another Grammy for one of my favorite recordings of last year “Before the Daylight’s Shot.: (Come to think of it, too bad Amy Winehouse wasn’t at the Grammys. She could have spoken to Ashley and learned a thing or two from Ashley’s own life experiences.)

1 Best one-liner: After Kanye West gave a somewhat classless acceptance speech earlier in the evening, I chortled when Vince Gill–after receiving his award from Ringo Starr–quipped to Kanye, “I just had a Grammy given to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen to you yet, Kanye?” (You could hear the whispers of “Oh no he didn’t!” reverberate through the crowd.)

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