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ledisipromopic.jpgIn her third album, 2007 Grammy Award Nominee Ledisi promises “fiery vocals, funk-up rhythm and absolute soul.” And in her 14 full tracks (and two mini-tracks) that make up “Lost and Found,” she delivers.
As one of Billboard Magazine’s “Top 10 Faces to Watch in 2007,” Ledisi has been carving out a name for herself in recent years. While spending the three years it took to produce the complete work of “Lost and Found,” she was also performing awards shows, concerts, and benefits. Hers is a well-crafted young career and I suspect that as her face becomes more popular, her voice will become more well-known.

“Alright” will likely be the chart-topper on the newest CD but my favorite is the title track, “Lost and Found.” Each of these songs carries a spirit of both the power of the underdog and the peaceful inspiration of confidence–an interesting combination.
One of the things I like most about Ledisi’s production value is that the songs have a sense of being raw without sounding like a rookie; they’re sweet and yet not without conflict. Only on this kind of CD can you find a track like “Upside Down” (about life in a topsy-turvy world) as well as “The One,” a song from a confident woman in a love relationship that makes sense.
Verve Records has plans to release her previous two albums—”Soulsinger” and “Feeling Orange but Sometimes Blue”—which will probably be bigger hits once people realize her talents. For me, “Lost and Found” is enough of a treat for now, especially if you like to “funk it up” and be inspired while doing so.

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