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Dogicpic080219.jpgDuane “Dog” Chapman–who you either know as the cool guy who catches criminals with the rest of his family, on the hit A&E show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” or as that guy who was outed by the National Enquirer for spewing racial slurs in a tape-recorded conversation with his son, and then appeared on every TV show and radio station crying and begging for forgiveness–will be returning to the airwaves, is reporting.
Although A&E suspended Dog’s show immediately after audio was made public of him saying the N-word in reference to his son’s girlfriend, they seem to have bowed to pressure from the overwhelming support Dog has received in trying to get his show back–including groups on social networking sites, such as this one on Facebook, which has over 16,000 members.
Dog also made a good-faith effort to reach out to the African-American community and to various groups promoting racial equality. He even went as far as to kiss up to Rev. Al Sharpton (gag!).

Throughout the Dog production hiatus, I knew in my heart that Dog would get his show back. In every poll I saw related to the scandal–and there were many–an overwhelming majority of responders felt Dog should get his show back. The show was one of A&E’s top rated ever, so I figured they wouldn’t be too smart to let it go.
I feel Dog has done his penance and I’m glad he’ll go back to catching rapists that U.S. federal law enforcement are unable to (cough, cough, Andrew Luster), taking drugs and drug dealers off of the streets, and, in general, making the world a safer place. Let’s just hope his friend and colleague, Tim Chapman (no relation) will keep his clothes on during filming.
Click here to watch a Beliefnet video interview with Dog.

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