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I can’t say that I watch the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency with any regular frequency, but when flipping by Oxygen, I will sometimes stop and watch the “world’s first supermodel” frantically trying to run her nascent business. In this weekend’s repeat of “Of Models and Morals,” new model Dominique, a Catholic gal who was totally uncomfortable posing nude for a senior citizens’ drawing class in the previous episode, attends a Models for Jesus meeting with fellow JDMA model, Michael. Cut to the sanctuary of a church with a small group of models sitting around discussing how they deal with nudity in their own careers. The leader of the group states that she doesn’t do nudity and that it hasn’t harmed her career. And Michael doesn’t do nudity, but he and Dominique both work for one of the most flamboyant exhibitionists on television, so how are they going to let her know that they are interested in clothed couture? Janice is rather bombastic, but she is not entirely unreasonable; unless, of course, you decide to have the entire Models for Jesus group come into her agency and have the leader tell her that her favorite new model, whom Janice plucked from California Pizza Kitchen obscurity, isn’t willing to do nudity.View part of the episode here:anice wasn’t so upset about Dominique not wanting to do nudity, although she was not pleased about it, thought it uppity and limiting her career. Rather, Janice was incenses that Dominique brought a posse with her and that she didn’t come and talk to her directly. Amen, sister Janice!Michael posts on his blog that “We faced a couple of very serious issues – nudity and religion. Two subjects that are sometimes very hard to talk about and be honest about. One thing we all have to understand is when you talk about these sensitive issues, everyone is not going to agree with each other. And Janice did not agree with Dominique which is ok.”Fellow model Grasie also doesn’t agree, saying on her blog, “…and I think it was a cop-out to say she didn’t want to undress because of God or Jesus. I believe in both and was raised Catholic and still go to church and don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s not porn…but I’m also very comfortable with myself and my body…I think that’s the real issue Dominique has…a problem with being comfortable in her own skin.”Apparently Dominique got comfortable with her own skin quickly enough, or the money it could bring in, ‘cause when a client asked her to remove her bikini top during a swimsuit shoot, albeit with her arms covering any naughty bits, she obliged. Perhaps she asked herself WWJD: What Would Janice Do?

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