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Biggest news on the spirituality rialto: Oprah’s book club choice in March will be Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” It’s the first time Oprah has chosen a book from the self-help/spirituality genre. “This is my boldest choice yet, not a novel, not a memoir,” Oprah exclaimed on her show. “I’m over-the-moon excited.”
But wait, there’s more.
In “a worldwide, groundbreaking event,” Tolle, a gentle spiritual leprechaun with a soft German accent, will be co-teaching a 10-week free course on the book on with none other than Oprah herself. It’s a step forward in her mission “to lead people to their highest selves,” and perhaps the first time Oprah has openly worn the mantle of spiritual teacher that many of us have already placed on her.
“I was so awakened by the message of this book that I wanted to share it with you,” she said. “It really is about creating a new you from the inside out and a new earth that’s possible for all of us.”
The course starts March 3rd. Stay tuned…
— Posted by Wendy Schuman

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