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gossipgirlsm.jpgGossip Girl” is back! I can’t say I’m sorry that the first of my TV series addictions to return in the new year is this particular guilty, guilty, guilty new pleasure of mine. And after all the syrupy, happy endings during the Thanskgiving and Christmas episodes, the darker mood of last night’s installment was a bit of a welcome relief.
Scene one was classic “Gossip Girl” at its most sordid: teens frolicking, hooking up, baring (almost) all, and of course, guzzling designer drinks (cue the martinis) in the school pool after hours: Somebody had the key, broke in, and soon everyone was partying. But wait–somebody gets hurt and almost drowns.

Soon our favorite high society chicks and their mates, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, and Dan (among other plaid clad extras) are facing expulsion. And the first real ethical dilemmas of the season begin: Will anyone be big enough to tattle, confess, and take responsibility, especially when scholarship-boy Dan’s future is put most at risk? You’ll have to go online to watch–no spoilers here, and I’m sure the suspense is killing you (the CW posts new episodes on Saturdays).
My fun fact of the evening, though, came in the form of a trivia tidbit I’d never caught before. The name of the school was tossed around quite a bit last night, which gave me quite a laugh. These high society party girls and bad boys go to St. Jude’s, of all places! St. Jude: the Patron Saint of Desperate Situations and Last Resort! What tongue and cheek statement does that make about our well-heeled, well-dressed cast of characters? That even with all their riches and couture clothes, they are all teetering on the verge of tragedy? That they are almost beyond hope? Beyond salvation–at least in this life?
And then, weirdest to contemplate of all: Does that mean that their private school isn’t just private, but, well, Catholic?
Just some things to ponder for the New Year’s installments.

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