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suri-cruise-vanity-fair.jpgIt’s no wonder the Writers Guild brokered a deal with actor Tom Cruise recently to make him the only studio head who can cross the picket line. According to Andrew Morton’s new book (Morton is best known for his Princess Di tell all) Tom Cruise has become the second most powerful Scientologist. This is actually the least outrageous of the claims Morton makes in his book. Some of the other salacious claims include the notion that Tom’s daughter Suri was conceived “like Rosemary’s Baby” with the frozen sperm of L. Ron Hubbard and that leader David Miscavige went on Cruise’s honeymoon with Holmes. A lawsuit by Cruise’s lawyers is allegedly forthcoming, as is a $100 million lawsuit from the Church of Scientology, just in time to sell who knows how many additional millions of copies to the tabloid-hungry.
However, if I was Morton, I’d stop and think that all of the money in the world won’t protect you from the wrath of Scientology, as certain other authors who have tried to expose the dark side of the religion have experienced, including alleged death threats.

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