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tom_cruise.jpgI have wondered often to myself in the last week how long it would take for another celebrity to borrow David Letterman’s strategy of creating an independent agreement with the striking Writers Guild of America so their production company can go back to work. But I personally wouldn’t have predicted that one of my least favorite celebs would be the one to do it.
According to Deadline Hollywood Daily- considered by many to be the best source of up-to-date strike information – Tom Cruise’s studio, the revamped United Artists has now reached a deal with the WGA so writers can go to work on any of the studio’s projects.

The news is important for several reasons. First, Cruise’s studio is a fledgling operation that now has a leg up on all of its big studio competition. (Hmm..perhaps there is a little revenge on Sumner Redstone, the media mogul who fired Cruise a couple of years ago, wrapped up in this?). The other studios are allegedly already fuming about this preferred treatment for Cruise.
It is also important because movie award season is almost here and the WGA and Screen Actors Guild are not budging in their stance to boycott the events (yes folks, the Golden Globes could be televised with a big red carpet full of …no one..) if the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers doesn’t reach an agreement with the WGA. The new “divide and conquer” strategy in which select production companies — companies who agree to the WGA’s proposed demands to the AMPTP — will be given the WGA blessing continues to put pressure on television networks and movie studios to consider following suit or risk being left behind.
But most importantly, I guess I need to add to my New Year’s resolutions that I will not make any Scientology or “Free Katie Now” jokes for at least a little while. And if this action ends the strike, I might even have to jump on a couch or two.

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