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ledger.jpgFirst we lost Brad Renfro, and now the New York Times reports that actor Heath Ledger, critically lauded for his performance in the groundbreaking “Brokeback Mountain,” has been found dead in his SoHo apartment. Pills were found near his body, but no cause of death has been reported yet.
Heath Ledger most recently gave one of the critically acclaimed performances in the Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There” and will be seen shortly as the Joker in the second Batman prequel, “The Dark Knight“, which is now in post-production. He was filming Terry Gilliam’s “Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” which was due in 2009.
In September, Ledger and actress Michelle Williams ended their three-year relationship. They had one daughter, Matilda Rose. Heath Ledger was 28. Our thoughts are with his family as the world mourns the loss of another promising young actor.

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