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When the Chicago Daily Herald recently asked random celebs’ “Which person, living or dead, would you most like to spend the day with?” the no. 1 answer was “Jesus,” though, frankly, the Good Lord has spent time in better company than the crop of B-listers who answered the Herald’s phone call.

Those who wanted to hang with the Christian Messiah included Rick Tramanto, a lesser light in that ever-softening category of “celebrity chef”; actress Linda Evans; Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes; and rocker George Thorogood (of the Destroyers). Not exactly Moses and Elijah. (The next most popular answer, from Bill Cosby, Weird Al, actor Fred Savage and guitar hero Ted Nugent, was “my wife.” Now that’s a bunch I could chill with!)
More dispiriting yet was the fact that Thorogood wanted to meet Jesus only for the historical bragging rights, and seemed to have an anti-Christian agenda. “He’s arguably the most famous person in history, and as a history buff I’d be interested in meeting him,” said the former leader of the Destroyers. “But I’d also like to say to him, “Take some advice. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.” Uh, George, wouldn’t that kind of put a crimp in Jesus’s historical value?

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