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clemenspicsforIdolChatter.jpgGeorge Mitchell’s report on steroid use among Major League Baseball was released today, linking a number of popular players to performance-enhancing drugs. Among them, Roger Clemens, Gary Sheffield, Barry Bonds, Paul Lo Duca, and many more.
Although some viewed Mitchell’s investigation as a witch hunt from the get-go, in a press conference today he suggested that action should only be taken against the worst offenders. “The commissioner should give the players and everyone else the chance to make a fresh start,” Mitchell said.
Some baseball fans—like me—are not surprised in the least that so many players may have used steroids. As I have written before, professional wrestling organizations like the WWE turn a blind eye to players’ steroid use and only address the issue when someone dies or goes on a killing rampage. Why would it be different in the MLB or the NFL or any other sports organization or team that pays its players millions of dollars? If these players don’t perform well, these organizations stand to lose millions, if not billions of dollars.
So what’s to come of all of this now? Definitely some angry fans.

My friend Sean, a die-hard Mets fan/Yankee-hater feels that not only do today’s revelations mean that some of baseball’s “best” players will never make it to the Hall of Fame, but that past games and championships will be called into question.
“Half the Yankee team for the last ten years are a bunch of juicers,” he told me. I want the 2000 World Series title given to my Mets ’cause we played a bunch of ‘roided up freaks.”
As a Yankees fan, I almost want to give it to him. Almost.
What do you all think? Any of your favorite players on the list? Post your comments below.

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