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“Britney’s Next Act — Virgin Mary?”
No, you haven’t had too much eggnog. (via US weekly) is reporting that <a href="“>Britney Spears is being courted to play the mother of Jesus in a film satire of the Nativity story.
The film, called “Sweet Baby Jesus,” would star Spears as a “pregnant 19-year-old who doesn’t know how she got knocked up, living in a place called Bethlehem, Maryland.”
I don’t know what is more disturbing: Spears, the poster-parent for bad mothering, being asked to play the most idealized mother of all time, or the producers of this film asking the former pop-tart to take the role in order to drum up publicity for the project.
This is not provocative casting like Alanis Morrissette — outspoken songstress and child actor — as God in Kevin Smith’s “Dogma.” This is pure publicity stunt. Have you seen “Crossroads?” Heck, I’ll call the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue myself to get this offer protested to death.

Chances are that Britney will never actually receive an offer from the publicity-seeking producers. But, if she does, someone, anyone, please stop her from taking the role! Sure, it could be an opportunity for Spears to clean up and reinvent herself, playing a gritty, satirical role. Maybe she could pull it off and win a Golden Globe nomination a la Courtney Love.
But, more than likely, playing the Virgin Mary in what is sure to be a B movie may just cause an offended public to lambaste the popster even more than they already do. Even I find the idea distasteful and I’m a liberal Protestant. Besides, enough with the whole Britney and Virginity motif; recent reports suggest, that the whole no sex ‘til marriage thing was a clever PR campaign.
Sure, Spears’ acting ability frightens me, but what truly terrifies me is that the producers are taking advantage of someone who clearly has mental health issues. I think we would all agree that Brit-Brit has gone way beyond the unstable person with money euphemism of being “eccentric” and is now displaying some sort of pathology, with her avoidance of court appearances and flashing of her female bits. It’s despicable at best and further damaging to Ms. Spear’s fragile state at worst.
Yes, Spears needs a miracle in her life, it just shouldn’t be the Virgin Birth.

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