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It looks like Nickelodeon may address Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy after all–if not on “Zoey 101,” Spears’ show, then during a special that addresses love and sex. A CNN report revealed that the network is speaking with Linda Ellerbee, a veteran journalist who has “stepped in frequently in the past with shows on talking to children about difficult issues in the news. She’s done shows about same-sex parents, AIDS, the Columbine shooting and President Clinton’s impeachment scandal.”

“This is a great opportunity for parents at this moment to talk to their kids about this — more important, to listen to their kids about this,” Ellerbee said. Rather than focus strictly on Spears, Ellerbee said she’s considering producing a broad discussion about how people know they’re in love, when is the right time to have sex and what are the value systems of their parents and friends. It could air as soon as next month. “Right now what Nick is trying to do — and what I am trying to do — is figure out what is the best thing to do for kids,” she said.

The fate of “Zoey 101” is still undetermined. One television critic, David Hinckley of the New York Daily News, advises Nick to pull the plug on the show.
“If Nickelodeon keeps Jamie Lynn Spears because her product sells, it runs the risk that a valuable message it has spent years crafting could shift from `trust us’ to `whatever,”‘ Hinckley wrote.
What do you think Nick should do?
a) Cancel “Zoey 101”
b) Deal with Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy in an ongoing storyline
c) Replace “Zoey 101” with a reality show about teen pregnancy starring Jamie Lynn?
d) Create the Ellerbee special per the above
Leave your vote in the comments section…

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