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Whelchel.jpgWhenever there’s a child star crisis — for example, the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy announcement– it seems to bring numerous other former child stars out of the woodwork to comment. Both People Magazine and ABC News felt it was newsworthy that Lisa Whelchel, who once played snooty Blair Warner on the cheesy 80s sitcom “The Facts of Life,” wants to speak out in support of Jamie Lynn and her mother. Perhaps in response to Thomas Nelson placing Lynn Spears’ parenting book on hold, Whelchel, who just happens to be the author of several Christian books on parenting herself, is voicing her compassion and concern for the Spears family.
Whelchel is proud of Spears for “stepping up” and being courageous” in her choices and says that she believes Lynne Spears is “doing the best she can” as a mom.Whelchel even claims that she has used Spears’ pregnancy as a teachable moment with her own two teenage daughters.
Oh, sure, I know what some of you are thinking. There are so many cheap shots I could make over a story like this, but in the spirit of Christmas, I am not going to. I actually think Whelchel is to be complimented for her kind comments, and maybe the words of wisdom even had something to do with Thomas Nelson Publishing’s recent press release that Mama Spears’ memoir was never meant to be a parenting how-to and may be released after all.

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