Idol Chatter

In case you haven’t heard, there’ll be no Christmas this year. At least not in the drafty English castle where Guy Ritchie and Madonna make their somewhat religiously confusing home. The adults are not exchanging presents, and the kids will get three presents each, but apparently no fatty or sugary food, or turkey, because Madge has issues with poultry slaughtering practices.
And what about the religious observances? Will they have a crèche? What about decorations? Or a meaningful discussion of their religious beliefs and what impact the season and its celebrations have? To recap, Madonna still claims to believe in Jesus, and is raising her children within the rules of what this article calls a “quasi-religion.” Lourdes is 11, so we’ll see if the Ritchie family commemorates her bat mitzvah. Maybe then we’ll understand. But probably not.

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