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timesstyleportman2.jpgThis weekend the New York Times launched their Style Magazine “T” online and it’s pretty fantastic. Their theme for the holiday issue, interestingly enough, is “Art and Soul.” The articles include a gorgeous slideshow of photographs by Thomas Struth of houses of worship–both the traditional and avant garde variety.
The corresponding article, by Michael Kimmelman, explains the idea behind this retrospective:

In these pictures of Richter’s work at the cathedral and of other silent sites of worship — temples of modern art, mostly — it’s not the scenes of saints and martyrs that necessarily stir elevated feelings. The light does. It’s the common motif, whether it’s glowing through Richter’s hand-blown glass (in 72 colors arranged not by God, man or fate but by a computer) or coming through the windows of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy. There, Giotto, calculating how much light was let in on one side of the building and not the other, used the sun to breathe life into his paintings. He also used it as a metaphor for enlightenment, naturally.

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