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Have you, like fellow blogger Donna, fallen in love with “Pushing Daisies”? Or are you like me, and you become a little anxious whenever “House” goes on hiatus? Or maybe you can’t go to bed without your nightly dose of Jon Stewart.
Well, in that case, you might want to send up a prayer that today, on All Saints Day, a strike between the Writer’s Guild of America and Hollywood Producers will be averted. With the contract expiring and negotiations proceeding poorly for months now, most Hollywood insiders think a strike is inevitable.

The issues surrounding the strike revolve around that age-old sin of greed, and disagreements by the parties are primarily over royalty payments relating to new technology (think DVD sales and webisodes or downloads).
So why should you care whether or not some pampered Hollywood types fight to see who deserves more of the media pie? Well, time sensitive shows like “SNL” and “The Colbert Report” will immediately shut down because they will have no writing staff and no secret stash of scripts. New shows will go into reruns quickly (it will take a little bit longer for what movies arrive at your cineplex to be affected) with no new episodes in sight.
What will take their place? Lots and lots of reality and game show programming that the networks have been stockpiling for months for exactly this moment.
That’s good news for those of you who just can’t get enough of “I Love New York” and “Dancing with the Stars”–but for people like me, well, I guess it might be time to take up underwater basketweaving or to figure out what this whole Sudoku craze is all about.

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