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smhitman.jpgYou’ve probably seen the trailers for the upcoming “Hitman,” due for release in theatres on November 21. Timothy Olyphant stars as Agent 47, a genetically engineered assassin, direct from the successful “Hitman” video game series.
What caught my attention was the trailer’s primary themes of “sinner” and “saint.” The intent is to drive home the drama of the movie, as the main character undergoes a transformation of conscience from his “sinner” past of assassinations (and his clarity about his life’s purpose) to his “saint” tendencies of conscience amidst political change and his exposure to a girl whose life story gets his attention.

From the sinner/saint theme to the bar code tattooed into his head (a reference to the mark of the beast?), I find myself of mixed emotions regarding these biblical references.
If the movie is able to somehow attract attention to—and shed light on—the wonderful opportunity we all have to leave our natural sinful nature behind and experience the assurance and confidence of being part of the family of God, then how wonderful it will be that many young people (and the young at heart) will see this film.
In any case, the trailer certainly got my attention, which was, of course, the point! But if this is just another example of borrowing from biblical themes without taking their Source seriously, then I’ll continue to be miffed at how, in mainstream films, the themes of the Bible are treated universally, but its truth isn’t given enough attention.

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