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britneyvmasm.jpgOops, she did it again. No visitation. That’s none. Not supervised, and certainly not unsupervised. According to the latest news in the Huffington Post, Britney gets no visitations with her children until she complies with a court order. The parameters of the court order weren’t revealed in the HuffPo, but according to Yahoo, TMZ reports that it’s because Mama Britney had failed to provide drug testers with information about her movements, making it impossible for them to carry out random drug tests.
How much longer can this go on? Even from a news perspective, how much information do we need on a daily basis about the status of Britney and K-Fed as parents? How many judges and hearings have to be involved? I’m a fairly sympathetic person, and I was among those who always erred on the side of pitying Britney. But this is getting out of hand. She has all the money in the world–she could hire nannies and daycare, or anything she wants. But Britney still can’t manage motherhood, and requires court involvement for the protection of her children. At what point is it “three strikes” and Britney’s out?
Britney’s been known as “not a girl, not yet a woman” for too many years now. Yes, you’re still young, but it’s time to grow up and take responsibility for the two children you brought into the world.
And I pray, for the children’s sake, that there will come a day when we are not writing about their parents. And what I’d like that day to be called? Tomorrow.

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