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chariotssm.jpgWow! Another “Ten Commandments” movie is coming out and its getting a lot of buzz.
For instance, “Hollywood Takes On the Ten Commandments” read the Yahoo headline. “Film producers take action with Oct. 19 animated release starring Ben Kingsley, Elliott Gould, Christian Slater.”
Fox News reported on the controversy of Radio Disney wanting the word “God” pulled from the advertisements surrounding the movie’s release.
The Hollywood Reporter noted that the company, Promenade Pictures, is founded by Frank Yablans, the former head of Paramount and MGM/UA, associated with such films as “The Godfather,” “Chinatown,” “Silver Streak,” “North Dallas Forty,” and some Bond films.
As a Beliefnet blogger, I had the advantage of seeing the movie early. I wanted to see it because it was made on a small budget, which was by design. “Our company believes that outstanding family entertainment can be made for a fraction of that Pixar and other high-profile animated movies are made for,” said Ron Booth, one of the co-producers. “For investors and for families, everybody wins when we can make more movies for less money—maintaining high quality—so that family fare makes a greater dent on the cinema landscape.”

“The Ten Commandments” looks good, and it sounds even better. In fact, I think the soundtrack is worthy of Oscar consideration. Booth was a bit shy about that:
“Our main goal wasn’t as much to win Oscars, or spoil the cast with lavish hospitality, or spend unnecessary dollars on typical Hollywood costs,” he continued, “but we’re focused on one thing: bringing the best family entertainment possible to the scores of moms and dads who want great stuff for their kids, and great stuff that they can watch together with their kids.”
“Lots of are targeted just for kids, or just for teens, or just for adults,” said Booth. “We want to bring families together, and we really believe its possible. People who see this movie will be pleased, and its only our first of many.”
Booth was referring to the “Epic Tales From the Bible Series” which will feature future movies along the same lines. “We’re not a ‘biblical’ studio as much as we’re committed to ‘family’ movies, and the Bible has long been a great source for some of the richest stories in our culture…stories that too many young people may not get the chance to be exposed to.”
Perhaps Booth and his team are right. A recent story in The Free Republic reported that “more Americans know Big Mac ingredients than the ten commandments.” If that’s the case, I hope this movie does even more than entertain: I hope it informs as well as it inspires. I’m going back this weekend with my family!

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