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Delgado071001.jpgDear New York Mets,
I imagine that today, one day after your historic late-season collapse, you may be looking for a little religion, something to hold fast to, an anchor amidst the uncertainties and difficulties of life. Let me recommend Beliefnet, the largest online site for faith and spirituality. Sure, I work there, so I am biased, but maybe, just maybe, it can offer you the inspiration and spiritual strength you’ll need to slog through this difficult off-season, face your demons next season, and finally bring this long-suffering, faithful fan the championship we all deserve.
Personally, I was tempted to look on Beliefnet for answers to how God can let this happen, but then I realized it wasn’t God who brought this on you. God gave you everything–talent, the money to assemble a great team, an amazingly passionate fan base, and a home stadium in the greatest city in the world–but it was your job to take what God gave you and make success out of it. Let’s face it: After an amazing season, you just plain failed in the last few weeks.
As you click through Beliefnet, you’ll find there’s a lot here to digest, but luckily you’ve got the time to really sink your cleats into it. You’ll find, I am guessing, that in just about any religion or belief system one of the cardinal sins, so to speak, is hubris, pride, an elevated sense of self. It messes you up, here and in the hereafter. And you might, just might, be led to take a look inside yourselves and wonder if maybe, just maybe, you committed this sin over the baseball season, which could be one reason you blew it so badly. I’m thinking of comments like, “We’ve got so much talent I think sometimes we get bored.” That might point to a deep team problem of drive and desire and, yes, hubris. Just a thought.

As a lifelong Met fan and former Boston resident, no one hates he Yankees more that your humble servant, me, but you gotta hand it to them: After a horrendous start to this season, they stayed with it, big time, worked hard, and salvaged their season. Who knows? I hate to say it, but maybe they’ll be wearing the World Series rings you should have won this year. If so, they’ll have earned it the old-fashioned way, through tenacity and teamwork.
So, my dear Mets, enjoy your time on Beliefnet, and feel free to post on our discussion boards, check out my interview with your former teammate Mike Piazza, or even start a prayer circle for your success next season. (As an aside, a little prayer can’t help, and certainly nothing makes you more humble than speaking directly to God. Your fans were certainly praying the past few weeks, for alll the good that did. But still, I am sure it didn’t hurt.) I hope our site does you a world of good.
One of your team slogans is “You gotta believe.” But believe in what? Maybe that’s the question y’all need to ponder this off-season. See you in February for Spring Training. I expect you to be in top physical and spiritual shape, so I don’t have to write you another heartbroken letter next October.
Your Humble and Faithful Fan,
Michael Kress

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