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britney%20vma%20%28WinCE%29.jpgWhen I heard the news about Britney Spears losing custody of her children, my heart fell. This reaction may seem strange to some, but watching her rise and decline in stardom for the last few years, I felt compelled to go against the grain of the media that consistently beats her down.
Yes, she has made some mistakes pre and post-motherhood, but let us all be clear that she was never stable enough to handle the responsibility of having children in the first place. Couple this with the fact that she has not been able to live a normal life away from the lens of the paparazzi or the pen of malicious writers and I think one can understand why she has fallen so far from grace.

We know that she is troubled, that she has an issue with substance abuse and alcohol and that at this moment she doesn’t even have a mother to run to. So what do you expect her to do? But let’s move on from all of this.
I do believe that there was a time when Spears meant well for her children–even in the moments when she was driving with a child in her lap–and I actually believe that she still does care for them immensely. I remember a statement that she made in June 2006 when she said that Sean Preston–her first child–is her religion. And this is where I believe she will find the peace and the resolution to all of her problems, religion.
There was a time when Spears used to seek refuge in the Lord, and I believe she must go back to those days in order to experience true restoration. Every trial and tribulation she has been through to date is because she insisted on running in the other direction instead of toward the hills from which cometh her help. But this is no different from many of our spiritual lives.
Britney Spears, like the rest of us, is only human. Matter of fact, I believe that she had a song that expressed the same sentiment–which was clearly a cry for help. She was never free from falling because we exalted her to superstar status. But maybe if she goes back to her first love, she can find the unconditional love, grace and mercy that not a single one of us–myself included–is able to give to her. And until then, my prayer will be that everyone just leaves her alone. Remember, “Judge not, so that you will not be judged.” It could be you.
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