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When “Knocked Up” took America by storm, many people (Idol Chatterers among them) wondered, in a movie about a pregnancy which resulted from a one-night stand outside of marriage, where was the abortion discussion? Ellen, who blogged this originally, found a partial answer from Rogen in The Onion (though wish it was in a personal interview conducted by me) (blogged here). But now, the New Yorker Festival (which I always seem to miss) provides a more extensive answer. According to this article recap in New York Magazine, the pinnacle of the New Yorker festival was a conversation between current It Boys/Men Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow in which Apatow revealed the following:

[W]hile discussing the criticism that Knocked Up didn’t fully address abortion as an option, Apatow revealed that he shot a scene on the topic, then scrapped it, mostly because it’s not exactly “a hilarious comedy area.” Then Apatow showed the scene in question, which, contrary to his assertion, was pretty damn funny (though, as some would point out, it didn’t involve Katherine Heigl, the one who’s actually pregnant). In it, Rogen and his pals talk about the morality of abortion; at one point Jonah Hill, arguing that a 2-month-old fetus is not yet a person, yells at Jay Baruchel, “Do you remember shit from when you were 2 months old, except that you liked the Cure?”

Well, you wanted an abortion discussion–now you have one. There’s more on this in this clip of the dudes talking about how you can avoid pregnancy, when life begins, even more references to Jews as the Chosen People, and other serious issues embedded against a backdrop of the hilarious, the absurd, and the certainly-not-meant-for-children.

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