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Patton Dodd may believe God likes the Colorado Rockies, but over at J-Walking, David Kuo wonders if Jesus wants the Rocks to lose the World Series.
Are they pointing to a Heavenly Father-Son rift? Hardly. David’s not saying Jesus has anything against this team. Far from it. He just believes that a loss will glorify God and embody the team’s spirit and faith even more than a victory: “How extraordinary would it be for the Rockies to gather on their field if the Sox win and applaud? What an amazing witness for the transformative power of Jesus would it be if the Rockies doused the Sox in champagne and celebrated their victory and praised God all the time.”
With the Sox down 0-2 in the Series, we may soon get to see whether it happens this way or not. It would be amazing, but somehow, I’m guessing that the agony of defeat will be out the spirit of charity at that moment. Here’s hoping David’s right, and I am wrong, though.

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