Bobby%20Brown%20%28WinCE%29.jpgFirst Paris Hilton. Then Michael Vick. Now Bobby Brown. It seems that whenever a celebrity has been getting some bad press, they start finding religion, leaving everyone to wonder if it’s a real revelation or just another PR stunt.
Bobby Brown has dealt with drug addiction, a disastrous reality show, the decline of his once-hot career, and his divorce from Whitney Houston. He is a prime candidate for the Church of Celebrity Repentance, and now reports that Brown has been regularly attending The Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.

Agape, which can mean “love” or “wide open,” defines itself as “a trans-denominational spiritual community whose doors are open to all seekers in search of authentic spirituality, personal transformation and selfless service to humankind.” Agape is traditionally celebrity friendly, as stars like Vanessa Williams, Christina Applegate and LeVar Burton have been spotted there in the past.
Church founder Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith not only leads services every week, he appears in the hugely popular self-help movie “The Secret.” Maybe he’ll help Bobby to visualize a new life for himself? Or at least some alimony payments?

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