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I hope you’ve had a chance to see one of the host of 9-11 memorials, retrospectives, and history shows that have been featured this week on nearly every network and cable station, including the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channels, and all of the news stations.
In case you’re looking to be inspired while you’re gaining some historical knowledge, you might consider “Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World,” showing tonight at 10 p.m. on PBS.
The more each of us can learn about the history of the struggle between those of different nations and faiths, the more we can gain insight to apply to our current and everyday situations at work, home, and play. While the politicos hammer out arguments in the cultural arena, each of us has personal choices to make each day about how we treat the people around us and who we choose to throw in with.
“Lawrence” is a historical figure who served as a British officer and who ended up helping the Arabs who were fighting against the Ottoman Empire. Especially after President Bush’s speech and whatever news talk follows that, anyone interested in real history and real inspiration can learn from the story of a man who made real choices in real time, showing a kind of courageousness and valor that is still being talked about nearly a century later. It may not be must-see TV, but it’s better than most of the alternatives tonight.

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