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070920_lede_ferrera.jpgFlip the channels on your TV, and you’ll find tons of wonderful sitcoms and dramas featuring strong, profound female characters. The time is ripe for women on television, a sentiment driven home when America Ferrera took home the Emmy for best actress in a comedy this week for her portrayal of the feisty, loveable Betty Suarez on ABC’s “Ugly Betty.”
Even veteran movie actresses like Holly Hunter and Glenn Close have returned to the small screen to juicy roles that are fascinating to watch. So we felt it was time to pay homage to the “Top Ten Most Empowering Women on Television.” Check out our gallery of empowering, inspirational female TV characters, from “LOST’s” Kate Austen to “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Dr. Miranda Bailey to “The Simpson’s” Lisa Simpson.
It wasn’t easy to pare down this list. Tell us what you think of our choices. Who would you choose as the most empowering women characters on TV today?

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