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Speaking of sex (and I was), you have to go pretty low to disgust the trashy New York Post. But Patricia Heaton’s new sitcom, “Back to You” has the tabloid’s TV critic Adam Buckman taking the high ground: “If the makers of ‘Back to You’ could get their heads out of their underpants for two minutes…” began Buckman’s review last week, before replaying–for our disapprobation, of course–a bunch of below-the-belt (in every sense) one-liners in the show’s first episode.
For fans of Christians in Hollywood, however, the real shocker about “Back to You” is that it stars Heaton, late of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

One of Hollywood’s most outspoken Christians, especially on the topic of TV sleaze, Heaton told Christianity Today in 2004, “People in America are very frustrated about what’s coming through their television sets, and they feel like nobody in Hollywood cares.” As a mother of two, Heaton knows that kids are the biggest concern. “You can’t have them watch the news because they’ll do stories about someone’s sexual misbehavior,” she said in another CT interview late last year. “You can’t have anything on.”
So what’s Heaton doing mugging to genitalia jokes Wednesdays at 8 p.m.?
Show business is a rough trade, and actors have to take the work they’re offered. But if you’re coming off an eight-year stint as the female lead in what was for a long while the country’s highest-rated comedy, you probably have more choices than most of L.A.’s waitstaff. Perhaps when she read the script for “Back to You,” with its frequent mentions of body parts, she thought it was a knockoff of “Gray’s Anatomy”?

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