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GrffinEmmySized.jpgI once referred to comic and D-List celebrity Kathy Griffin as “my favorite atheist” because I have enjoyed her self-deprecating humor on her reality series, “My Life on the D List.” But her acceptance speech at last weekend’s creative Emmys (you know, the ones not considered important enough to be televised at the real Emmy event this weekend) left me cringing at her mock conversion experience.
When Griffin won her Emmy, she revealed what she truly idolizes when she made this classless comment: “Hell has frozen over. Suck it, Jesus, this award is my God now.”

Sure, the woman who once started a rumor on the red carpet that child actress Dakota Fanning was in rehab has been known to say almost anything to garner more attention. And sure enough, since the ceremony, Griffin has been blasted by the Catholic League and will have her speech censored when shown this Sunday on tape
And she is now defending herself as being misunderstood once again.
However, this time I just can’t defend Griffin. Such a remark was not only blatantly offensive (I am sure she would not tolerate such a disgusting remark comment toward one of her “gays,” as she calls her homsexual fan base), but her comments revealed her to be a worshipper as well as a slave to the same ego-driven, attention-starved lifestyle of the A-list stars she mocks.

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