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AnitaRodick070913.jpgI remember the first time I visited “The Body Shop.” It was a brand new store in Georgetown and a brand new chain, too. I was in college, and I was enchanted by all the wonderful sounding lotions and conditioners. For years I only used this banana shampoo that made my hair feel silky and wonderful and, well, smell a little like bananas, but I swear, it was a nice smell.
So it’s a bit shocking to contemplate the early and unexpected death of Anita Roddick (64), the founder of this now-so-familiar chain and ode to all things natural and eco-conscious and animal-rights-conscious (not to mention human-rights-conscious, too) that you practically can’t go through a mall or walk down any town’s main street without running into an outpost of the green empire she built over many years.
CNN sought commentary from Roddick’s “Body Shop” colleagues:

Adrian Bellamy, chairman of Body Shop International, said in a written statement… “Anita was not only our founder but she was also the heart and passion of The Body Shop and with her we achieved so much, whether on animal rights, human rights, Community Trade, or through the founding of organizations like Children on the Edge. It is no exaggeration to say that she changed the world of business with her campaigns for social and environmental responsibility. But for everyone who knew Anita, it was about much more than that: you couldn’t help but be inspired by her love of life, her vision of the world and her passion for changing it.”

Our world should have more such humane, green, and dignified business entrepeneurs. Rest in peace, Anita.

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