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This past weekend was the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. It was also the week that CBS’ trainwreckier-by-the-minute reality show “Big Brother” concluded. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
Previously on Idol Chatter, I joined the many media voices criticizing BB houseguest Amber for narrowminded comments she had made about Jewish people, calling them “greedy” and “selfish.” Because CBS had an embargo on the BB contestants (meaning they couldn’t talk to the media until the show ended), Amber only recently tried to defend her comments. And boy, what a terrible job she did.

Andy Denhart, who runs the great reality TV website Reality Blurred, correctly pointed out that “Once again, a lame-ass interviewer didn’t bother to actually ask Amber about her comments about Jews, but instead Amber brought it up.” Here’s some of what Amber had to say about her alleged antisemitism:

…What I should’ve said, and what I wanted to say and how I meant it was, not selfish. Jews, people from New York, they’re not selfish, they’re just very goal-oriented and they’re very hard workers, and money-motivated. Those are the words I should’ve used, money-motivated and hard working, and goal-oriented, instead of saying selfish and money-hungry, I didn’t mean those in rude ways.

So “money-motivated” is better than “greedy”? Whatever, Amber. Maybe you should just quit while you’re behind.

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