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TimeCover070813.jpgIs Time Magazine trying to make sublimal suggestions about its recent coverboy the Reverend Billy Graham? The question comes from none other than celebrity gossip website
“Rev. Billy Graham’s cover photo for Time magazine is innocent enough in and of itself,” the site notes, “but when you look at it superimposed over the Time logo, it looks like someone drew devil’s horns on him.”
Perhaps, the site surmises, someone at the magazine was trying to pass judgement on the “Pastor to Power” in the same way Graham once cited AIDS as a “judgement from God”–a statement, the site points out, that was not included in the cover story, but which, the site fails to report, Graham vehemently retracted.
Personally, I think TMZ is trying a little too hard to see what they want to see. I mean, it’s beyond obvious that those are meant to be horse ears and not devil horns. Someone needs to get their glasses checked.
Take the Reverend Graham Rorschach test and see for yourself.

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