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big-love_idol.jpgThe season finale of “Big Love” is this Sunday (oh no!), and things are about to boil over for polygamist Bill Henrickson. His three wives are unhappy–with each other and him. Barb seems poised to leave (go Barb!), Nicki feels Bill betrayed her family, and Margene is losing patience when it comes to being the third and the least public wife.
This on top of the fact that Bill and Barb’s two eldest children are torn between Mom and Dad and monogamy and polygamy. Weber gaming might take down the whole family, and oh, yeah, the other night Barb and Bill came home to find a nest of poisonous snakes under the covers of their bed!

So how true to life is “Big Love” anyway? Poisonous snakes in the bed aside, is this kind of jealousy, in-fighting, and kid trouble “normal” for families that “live the principle” for real?
To find out, check out “Entertainment Weekly’s” fascinating interview about just this question with reporter Brooke Adams, who covers “the plural life” for The Salt Lake Tribune.

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