fallentv_idol.jpgWhy is it that when someone spreads their wings on television (i.e., reveals that s/he is an angel), I find myself groaning or rolling my eyes in a way that I almost never do if a person, say, sprouts fangs? I am perfectly content with vampires and demons, yet angels provoke a sense of the corny that I can’t quite conquer. (The same was true for me when I reviewed TNT’s new series, “Saving Grace”. But I ended up enjoying that drama.)
I fought hard to overcome this prejudice as I followed ABC Family’s trilogy “Fallen” which aired Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night–six hours of heavy-on-the-winged-creatures television.

Last summer I saw “Fallen: The Beginning,” the first installment–and I was curious to see what became of Aaron Corbett, the “redeemer” nephilim (half human, half angel), whose birth and destiny was prophesied thousands of years before when Lucifer’s army of rebel angels fell to earth. When nephilim turn eighteen, the Powers–angels sent by God to destroy these “half-breed abominations”–take their revenge. Yet Aaron, who came into his right not only as a nephilim but also as the “redeemer” on his 18th birthday, is meant to redeem all the Fallen who remain on earth–waiting to return to heaven and God.
He is the Chosen One. (And what Buffy fan can resist a Chosen One?)
If you can overlook the low-fi special effects and some seriously stilted acting–though Hal Ozsan as Azazel, the right hand angel of the Light Bringer (a.k.a. Lucifer) not only injects much needed levity, but also a sexy charisma that others unfortunately can’t even come close to managing–“Fallen” has a lot to recommend it. It has the wonderful lore (In the beginning … etc.) told and retold each episode, and it is a fresh take on the relationship between humans and angels–especially the darker side of angels and why the war with God was originally fought.
So it’s a fun series. If only you can resist the urge to snicker every time our feathery friends suddenly spreads their wings. Catch reruns on ABC Family.

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